Sunday, November 05, 2006


This is BikerFox. He's a local celebrity here in Tulsa. He's a guy that rides his bike all the time. It doesn't matter if it's 105 degrees, the guy is out there ridding his bike. If you see him around town, you can roll down your window and ask him to do trick. He'll usually do a pop and wheelie for you. Hist best trick is his forward flip over his handle bars, as seen here.

But his awesomeness doesn't stop with the handlebar flip. BikerFox has gone digital.

His webpage is the most awesome awesomest thing I've ever seen. He has a whole section of Glamour Shots of himself as well as some great Photoshop pictures involving raccoons and OU football.

You can even hire BikerFox to give a motivations speech at your next corporate meeting. He'll do his signature handlebar flip to get your employees pumped to meet their sales goals.

BikerFox is just one more reason why Tulsa is the greatest place to live.

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Anonymous said...

I'll see if this works. BikerFox is a strange guy. Really strange!!
But he would be interesting to see riding his bike doing whatever he does on his bike.....